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Our diverse range of photopolymer raw materials and technology allows for the design and fabrication of ADA Braille and Accessible Room Identification signage, including several products that help achieve USGBC/LEED certification.

Nova Polymers is your single source for innovative, environmentally conscious photopolymer signage equipment, material, and software solutions.

ADA Compliant Period

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Novacryl BR

Novacryl® BR Series

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Novacryl PT

Novacryl® PT™ Series

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Novacryl White PETG

Novacryl® PT™ Series White

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Novacryl Black PETG

Novacryl® PT™ Series Black

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Novacryl AL

Novacryl® AL Series

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Novacryl EX

Novacryl® EX™ Series

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Novacryl LP

Novacryl® LP™ Series

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Novacryl PG

Novacryl® PG™ Series Permaglow

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Novacryl ECR

Novacryl® ECR™ Series

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Orbital X Photopolymer Processor

The Orbital X is an all-in-one photopolymer processing unit designed to fabricate water-washable photopolymer sign materials.

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WorkFlow Manager Software

WorkFlow Manager Software allows the sign fabrication industry to re-think the entire process of making photopolymer signage as a result of streamlined production and increased profitability.

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Canon TM-200 Printer

The Canon TM-200 Printer is suitable for a range of printing needs including technical documents, CAD drawings, GIS maps, posters, signage, and displays.

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Accucutter Table Top Shear 25″

Offering the extra precision and power as a larger commercial guillotine shear, the Accucutter Table Top Shear is a smaller, more affordable bench shear to finish your photopolymer.

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HS-1276 Hot Stamp Machine

The HS-1276 applies color and metallic effects instantly to both painted and unpainted, ADA-compliant photopolymer tactile images. No cleanup or chemistry required!

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Hot Stamping Foils can provide your projects with great design and prints in multiple colors and dimensions. ADA signs can get a huge boost in their look and design with the use of hot stamping foils.

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OYO Liberator GMAX

A premium imagesetter, the OYO Liberator Series is a fast and reliable film separation solution that requires zero darkroom or processor time. The TechStyler gives screen printers an affordable wide-format film option to streamline the process of full-body graphic prints.

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Color Pro Ink-Tipping Machine

The Nova Polymers Color Pro is a game-changing solution for sign makers who want to increase their ink tippling processing and speed.

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Additional Product Offerings


Canon Ink CNM Series

From matte black to cyan to magenta, the Canon Ink CNM Series delivers the highest quality ink for better prints.

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Epson Ink

The Epson Ink 3270 Series is designed for printing film negatives and positives consistently and efficiently.

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InkStar 4 Inkjet Film

InkStar 4 is designed to produce high-quality and high-density film negatives and positives, and is receptive to both dye and pigment inks, making your overall printing process more effective.

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OYO Thermal Film

The OYO Thermal Film Imagesetters give you the ability to produce film separations conveniently on your own – no darkroom or processor required anymore.

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Orafol Adhesives

Orafol offers a comprehensive range of high-quality adhesive tape solutions for all industrial applications. Slitting machines ensure precise trimming, even to the smallest of widths.

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Color Pro Ink-Tipping Machine

The Nova Polymers Color Pro is a Game-Changing Solution for Sign Makers who want to Increase their Ink Tippling Processing and Speed

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