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Photopolymer Processor


24″ x 30″Orbital X Photopolymer Processor

Orbital X Photopolymer sign equipment

We manufacture our Orbital X photopolymer Process in the US. The Orbital X is an all-in-one photopolymer processing unit designed to fabricate water-washable photopolymer sign material.

The Orbital X is a stack-style processor featuring an orbital washout, exposure section, a three-drawer dryer, and a post-exposure section. Orbital X is simple to use and versatile. Components are easily accessed (including the light drawers) from the front of the unit.

Safety features include “ground fault” protection, component fuses, and a safety switch for UV lamps. The washout section is stainless steel to prevent corrosion. A dual orbital-action platen provides for efficient and smooth washout and a digital timer assures accurate washout times. The brush height is adjustable to suit your plate gauge requirements.

The exposure section is located in a drawer below the washout section and is equipped with a digital timer, vacuum pump, and electronic solid-state ballasts. A thermostatically-controlled, 3-drawer dryer uses forced air to efficiently dry the plates. Each drawer is mounted on its own drawer slides.


  • Bulbs – 30 Watt UV-LAMPS-ORBX, (Orbital X unit takes 30 bulbs total)
  • Brush – Standard Panel 24×30 (AVD9067017)
  • Brush – Novacryl EX Series Panel 24×30 (D9067038A) *Sold Separately
  • Tack Mat Replacement 24×30 (AVC9067050)

NEW Nova Polymers EX Brush (Sold Separately)

Faster, Better Wash-Out for Exterior Signs

Achieve improved wash out performance across the Novacryl EX sheet over the standard Orbital brush. When fabricating with Novacryl Exterior products the EX-Brush enhances proper cleaning of the substrate.

EX BrushEX Brush












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