Hot Stamping Foils can provide your projects with great design and prints in multiple colors and dimensions. With the different available colors (shown below), companies can become more creative with their sign design. ADA signs can get a huge boost in their look and design with the use of hot stamping foils.

The hot stamping foils are available in 3″ rolls, 6″ rolls and 12″ rolls.

Gloss Pigments – GP418 Hot Red


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Matte Pigments – 712 Grass Green


Foil Storage Recommendation: Store foils in a climate-controlled area. Foils should be kept dry, stored away from a water source, direct heat (Heating Vent or Radiator), and direct sunlight. Reduction of UV exposure during storage improves long term foil functional use.

Signs of Foil failure: When foils are drying out, they will display cracking or a separation from the carrier.

Often when a Foil roll is shown to be experiencing issues prior to application the customer can extend out the foil roll to the point where there appears to be no more damage or separation from the relief backing. The tightness of the Foil roll tends to protect the inner layers which still function as expected.

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