Software, Equipment and On-Site Training

Software Installation

Completed prior to our arrival to ensure the training time on-site is maximized.

  • Install Workflow Manager (PC-Based application).
  • Nova Polymers holds a training webinar with your operator(s) and our programming team. During the training session, we will walk through the functionality of the software and create films and negatives that will be used for future installation training.
  • Install our RIP program for the InkStar film negatives solution to ensure all settings are correct and the produced film is top quality.

Equipment Installation

Ensure the electrical and water connections are made to the equipment received.

  • Items arrive within 3 days, shipping from our Ohio warehouse.


  • Review workflow managersoftware and assist with film negatives.
  • Review all steps with Orbital Processor and make your first ADA-compliant sign from Novacryl® photopolymer.
  • Paint and Hot Stamp signs. Review process to ensure adequate coating.

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