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Ecologically Sustainable Signage Materials

Environmental SignageAt Nova Polymers we are committed to environmental responsibility and the manufacturing of products that have a low impact on our planet. This commitment extends throughout our manufacturing process and supply chain. We stress the importance of building strategic relationships with companies and organizations that provide solutions that complement our initiative of reducing our environmental footprint.

Recycled content, indoor air quality, waste reduction, and efficient processes are among the attributes that we look for in the products and services we offer. Our goal is to provide our customers with solutions that best meet the demands of their clients while striving for environmental responsibility.
Our commitment at Nova Polymers has remained consistent – that commitment is to be innovative, be creative and be responsible.


Clean Air Gold

Intertek Sustainability Certifies Nova Polymers as Clean Air GOLD

Nova Polymers has achieved being Clean Air GOLD certified for its Novacryl PT Series through Intertek’s Clean Air program. With this indoor air quality certification, we guarantee our products are in compliance with the recommended minimum VOC emissions and low-emitting materials for CDPH, WELL, and LEED.


Our manufacturing facility is located in Bryan, OH. Our goal is to incorporate as much locally-sourced material as possible and work with companies that share our vision of environmental responsibility. Over the years, we have added two products that incorporate Greenguard™ Certified materials, one of which incorporates a minimum of 20% post-industrial content.

In our manufacturing process, we have implemented just-in-time manufacturing principles to reduce energy and waste while becoming more efficient. These strategies are carried over to our clients who use our solutions in their fabrication processes. In 2008, we developed Workflow Manager ADA signage software and photopolymer processing solutions that have allowed our customers to significantly reduce waste and realize their efficiency gains during the process.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Nova Polymers is proud to host products in compliance with LEED. LEED was developed by the United States Building Council (USGBC) as a way to rate a building’s overall impact on the environment. Products and materials cannot be LEED certified but can contribute towards points in the LEED rating system which weighs the total value of material in a project in several specific categories.

Energy and Waste Reduction

There is a great deal of energy and material waste that is created in the sale-of-goods process that can generally go unnoticed. While we feel it is important to look internally at operations, we feel it is equally as important to look at the way our products are brought to market.

The current environmental movement across our respective industries is primarily driven by commercial buildings. The strides that have been made in commercial buildings are quantifiable and reach into all sectors of business. While these strides have been a catalyst for early adoption of environmental policies, they are not the only reason for personally taking steps to ensure that our companies are being responsible; the reason is simply because we know that our resources are not unlimited and that we have a responsibility to do the right thing for ourselves and future generations.

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