Color Pro

The Nova Polymers Color Pro is a Game-Changing Solution for Sign Makers who want to Increase their Ink Tipping Processing and Speed

• It handles sign standard ink brands for easy color matching flexibility
• Uses a conveyor belt feed with ink roller application for raised areas of signs
• Quick set-up, easy height adjustment, and simple operation, making training a breeze
• Easy conveyor belt leveling and belt speed
• Height adjustment range of 0.020″ to 1″ substrate thickness allows for a wide range of applications
• Ink application passes can be adjusted to achieve desired opaqueness
• Fast! Clean-up or ink changeover takes only 10-15 min
• Using Nazdar inks and first surface painting means that there’s no need for polymer sign clear coating


• 36” W x 41” L x 46″ H
• 110 Volt Power Supply
• Manual Adjustment Leveling of Conveyor Belt
• Conveyor Belt Speed and Ink Roller Flow Setting
• Rests on a Stand Fitted with Casters

Color Pro Technical Data

Color Pro Spec Sheet

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