Novacryl® Specifications

3-part CSI Product Specifications for Interior and Tactile Signage

Nova Polymers has created Sections 101415 Interior Signage and 101467 Tactile Signage specifications for use by architects and designers. These specifications are then incorporated into the master specifications for commercial projects.

You can download and create a 3-part spec using Spec Wizard from or download in .pdf, .doc, or .rtf format by clicking below.

Download and View Novacryl® 101415 Interior Signage Specification

Download and View Novacryl® 101467 Tactile Signage Specification

How to Specify Novacryl®

About Novacryl® Photopolymer

Novacryl® Photopolymer is the most diverse line of photopolymer substrates for ADA Braille and Accessible Room Identification Signage.

Don’t sacrifice your branding and interior design to comply with ADA signage standards. Novacryl® allows your creativity to flow free and make your ideas possible:

  • Novacryl® ECR™ addresses the need for more creative sign solutions by the architectural design and sign fabrication industry. We’ve partnered with 3form® to develop this imaginative product line whose materials broadly expand the selection of colors, patterns, textures, and finishes available for ADA-compliant sign fabrication. Clear photopolymer bonded to 3form®’s Varia™ can create signs as diverse as your imagination.
  • Novacryl® PT™ is the most versatile photopolymer material ever created for signage. This clear interior-grade PETG contains 20% post-industrial content, limiting the amount of landfill contributions, and is resilient/shatterproof. Your fabricating options with various thicknesses can be surface and/or subsurface painted or use printing of digital graphics.
  • Novacryl® LP™ is all about choice for the architectural design and sign fabrication industry. Extruding clear photopolymer to the comprehensive offering of laminates made by leaders in the industry including Wilsonart, Formica, and Pionite, sign designers can choose from an array of wood grains, marbles and granites, plus hundreds of colors and patterns to complement any decor.
  • Novacryl® EX™ is the industry’s first pure, exterior-grade photopolymer. This exterior grade material takes the guessing out when specifying a material for high moisture/high humidity environments. Novacryl® EX™ is compatible with all exterior paints and requires no extended treatment.
  • Novacryl® Permaglow™ 250 is the ideal solution for safety and egress signage, as well as environmental concerns about energy savings and CO2 emissions. UL1994-listed photoluminescent photopolymer material absorbs ambient light during the day and providing photoluminescent emergency guidance at night. In the event of a power outage, the photoluminescent material instantly emits light without electrical power ensuring orderly egress to and inside stairwells and exits.
  • Novacryl® AL™ consists of the same interior grade material as our PT™ Series. This brushed aluminum-based photopolymer material can be installed in unregulated interior environments.

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