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Preferred Fabricator Spotlight: Bell Company, Inc.


Bell Company, Inc. is a family-owned and operated ADA signage fabricator based in Leeds, Alabama. It was established in 1946, finding its beginnings in the garage of founder Horace Bell. With 75 years under its belt, Bell Company has come to be recognized as a pioneer in wholesale ADA & wayfinding architectural signage and is one of the largest manufacturers in the United States.

For three generations, Bell Company has built out its product lines to better serve its customers across the United States and abroad. Today, it offers sign solutions ranging from architectural signage to screen-printing to custom engraving. But Bell Company’s core capability lies in manufacturing ADA braille and accessible wayfinding signage

Nova Polymers’ First Customer

Bell Company Black and Gold SignThe passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990 created a new market for ADA-compliant signage. Neil Bell, son of Horace Bell and president at that time, saw a huge opportunity in this market and immediately expanded Bell Company’s services to ADA-compliant sign manufacturing. He and his team studied the ins and outs of accessible design codes to establish Bell Company as an industry leader. Customers throughout the country began to flock to Bell Company to fulfill their ADA signage needs. 

In 1998, Bell Company jumped on the opportunity to establish a relationship with Nova Polymers, a new company specializing in photopolymer materials. This relationship would lead to Nova Polymers obtaining its very first customer.

As the partnership continued to grow, Bell Company had found a reliable photopolymer partner while Nova Polymers pushed the innovation of its photopolymer business, allowing Bell Company to get the first look. The wholesale signage fabricator was able to test many of Nova Polymers’ products in the developmental stage, ask questions, and offer manufacturer insight and recommendations. Soon enough, Bell Company became a Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricator. Bell Company Storage Sign

Using Nova Polymers’ photopolymer materials in their jobs, Bell Company’s team learned that they could better serve their clients. The clear and flexible materials worked very well for their clients who required curved lenses for their frames and window style signs. The team no longer needed to apply multiple layers on a sign’s face to achieve a see-through section, saving them a lot of time and money. General Manager Tina Kirk said, “Nova Polymers’ materials are so versatile. As the industry materials continue to expand, we work towards marketing them to our wholesale customers who in turn, put that information into the hands of general contractors, architects, and designers and end-users in their area.” Recently, Bell Company has worked with many materials from the newly updated Laminates (LP) series, as well as the Novacryl 3Form ECR and Permaglow series.


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Continuing to Look Ahead

Celebrating 75 years in business, Bell Company continues to be a proud Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricator. “We recognize that we wouldn’t be successful without our vendors, our employees, and our loyal customer base,” states Chris Bell, President of Bell Company. Nova Polymers congratulates Bell Company on its 75th anniversary and is excited to be a part of Bell Company’s growth in the upcoming years.

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