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Material Supply and Support

In today’s economy, partnerships matter if you want to stay in business. Stability in your supply chain along with product and technical support when you need it most are the 2 things that must be expected from a partner.

The sign industry is unique in a sense because we provide products to our clients in commercial building, construction and beyond. Our products are often necessary components for things like building occupancy or a store opening or providing the ability for people to navigate through a facility.

Almost every project is a rush and budgets are always tight. These factors mean that as a sign fabricator, you must rely on your partners for support when things go wrong and more importantly, to provide you with product without fail.

novacyl photopolymer warehouse mapAt Nova, we have 4 distribution locations in the US alone and our manufacturing facility is located in Bryan, OH. As a partner of ours, you have complete access to our technical team any time. You also have the ability to talk directly to our engineers when trouble shooting a machine problem along with the confidence of knowing that you can always get a part when needed because support and materials  are a phone call away.

The ability to manufacture our NovAcryl Photopomyer and processing equipment in-house is only the first of the benefits we provide to our partners. The second and equally important benefit we provide our partners with is education.

We believe that education is one of the keys to any successful venture. We are an AIA Continuing Education Provider and have developed many different resources over the years to help educate, train and support the sign industry and the architectural design community on not only our products, but on ADA codes, green building and all the other areas that relate to our business.

Educational Resources

  • Video Library – we have produced videos for everything from product training to equipment set up
  • Continuing Education – as an AIA/CES provider, we offer courses to the A&D community and our clients
  • White Papers – we developed a series of Accessibility White Papers to help clarify the accessibility codes relating to signage
  • Webinars – we deliver many webinar presentations throughout the years that focus on ADA codes, green building and more

As we  get into the swing of things here in 2013, take the time to evaluate your partners and make sure you’re getting from them what you need to grow your business.

Please CONTACT US for more information on our NovAcryl Photopolymer products or any of our educational programs.


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