Novacryl PT Series with raised decorative elemnts

How To Create Decorative Tactile ADA Signs


ADA Signs Can Have More Than Braille

Photopolymer allows you to create raised decorative tactile elements on ADA signs. Raised elements enhance the look and feel of  ADA signs while often allowing for a unique design approach.

The raised elements on a photopolymer sign get exposed to UV light using a film negative. This mean that almost any 2-dimensional image can be tactile – Braille dots, text, room numbers, boarders, logos and decorative elements.

Photopolymer is the ideal choice for complicated tactile because there are no more steps in the fabrication process. Click here to see how photopolymer signs get fabricated.


Examples of Decorative Tactile on ADA and Non-ADA Signs

Novacryl ECR Series Photopolymer sign

The orange and green decorative lines on the top protion of the sign are raised photopolymer elements. The entire face of the sign is photopolymer and the bottom half was painted and then tipped a different color.


Novacryl PT Series with raised decorative elemnts

The beige decorative elements on the left is all raised photopolymer. This was exposed using a positive image in the film during fabrication.



The elements that make up the QR codes are all raised photopolymer. The material was painted white and then tipped green. Most importantly, the QR code scanned perfectly!



This sign has a custom boarder that matches the custom routed shape of the sign. The boarder, decorative element, Braille and tactile where all exposed and processed together.



The entire face of this sign is Novacryl PT Series that was surface painted. The room number, Braille and decorative element are all photopolymers. The window was routed from the face for a changeable insert.


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