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2/90 Sign Systems, a preferred fabricator of NovAcryl® Series Photopolymer has created a new product line called Adaptive™.  Using the Novacryl® Designer Series (Formerly the ECR Series), 2/90 has created a new sign system that allows accessible signs to built in a way that enhances the overall design of the interior space while still meeting all accessibility codes. Adaptive has managed to Fuse Aesthetics, Eco Appeal, and ADA accessibility.


“We are really excited to diversify our business into new channels with the Adaptive product line.  We worked closely with Nova Polymers to create products that incorporate finishes from our standard palette and added architectural finishes that are highly attractive in the market.  The combination of our high end products with our service offering will provide our clients a world class experience.” – Marc Montpetit, 2/90’s Director of Business Development


Adaptive ADA Compliant Sign System uses Novacryl photopolymer

Adaptive™ ADA sign system combined with Novacryl® Series Photopolymer lets designers have it all: the compliant features they need, the creative design elements they crave, and the eco-friendly construction they strive for. 2/90 Sign Systems, an industry leader of solution-based architectural signage, has blended all of these ingredients into this exciting new line of facility signage.

Without the innovative and versatile Novacyl® Designer Series, ADA compliant signs at the standard set by Adaptive™ would not be possible. Novacryl Designer Series is one of the most creative solutions ever introduced to the Architectural Signage industry. 2/90 signs utilization of Novacryl along with their design aesthetic has created a powerful new option for designers. One that compliments and enhances your interiors allowing you to no longer compromise your design. Suitable markets for Adaptive include high-end boutique hotels, restaurants, assisted living, condominiums, country clubs, higher education and other facilities that prefer a higher-end architectural aspect.

Read the Announcement of this exciting new product here.

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