Novacryl® Photopolymer – An Animated Guide

This short animated film will teach everything you need to know about Nova Polymers Novacryl® Designer Series Photopolymer and how it can help you create Accessible Signage that maintains your high design aesthetic, ADA Compliance and Environmentally Friendliness.   ADA + Design = Novacryl® Nova polymers has the most diverse range of photopolymer substrates available which allow for unlimited design options and all of Nova Polymers products are environmentally conscience. They meet all the international accessibility requirements for room ID signs. Specifying Novacryl® is easy, just download our spec sheet. When you specify Novacryl®, the Nova Polymers community is behind you 100%. Nova Polymers provides industry-leading, high quality, ADA Compliant, and Environmentally Friendly Sign Materials so don’t have to compromise your design. Call 1-800-484-NOVA (6682) to learn more about our ADA Compliant sign systems and see how Nova Polymers can work for you. Nova Polymers = Innovative Solutions for Accessible Signage

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