Orbital X Maintenance

orbital x photopolymer processor

Maintaining A Photopolymer Processor


Orbital X Maintenance – The Orbital X Photopolymer Process requires basic maintenance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Following a few simple steps will allow the Orbital X to perform at an optimum level over many years. The equipment is fairly simple and general maintenance and be done in a minute a day.

Photopolymer Equipment Maintenance


  • Drain the water out of the washout tank and refill with clean water.  Always keep the brush submerged in water.
  • Cover the sticky mat on the washout platen with a piece of Mylar after use.


  • Thoroughly clean the washout tank and brush.  Always refill the washout tank and keep the brush submerged in water.
  • Perform an exposure test with the 21 Step UV Stouffer Scale to ensure the proper amount of UV output.  Adjust exposure time accordingly to achieve a solid 16 on the Stouffer Scale.


  • Apply a small amount of lubricating grease to the leveling pads on the washout platen.
  • Replace the vinyl cover sheet in the main exposure draw.


  • Replace the bulbs in both the main exposure draw and the post-exposure draw.

*Refer to equipment manual if necessary or contact Nova Polymers Technical Support with questions.

Photopolymer Equipment Maintenance

Lamp Replacement for the Orbital X

NOTICE: Disconnect the electrical power from the unit before replacing lamps.

  1. Standing in front of the unit, remove the 2 screws from under the front lip located at the edge of the washout section. Then remove the 4 screws from the vacuum drawer panel (drawer handle will need to be removed).
  2. Locate the black knob on the rear of the unit and completely unscrew it.
  3. From the front, pull the drawer towards you for access to the lamp and ballast section. Lamps are located on the underside of the drawer.
  4. Replace/change the lamps and reverse the above procedure.


  • If using shield lamps, make sure the shield faces away from the exposure/vacuum plate.
  • For removal of the Post and/or Detack lamps, remove 5 screws from the front panel above the Post/Detack drawer. Pull the drawer forward towards you.
  • The lamps will be accessible from the underside of the drawer. Replace the lamps and reattach the front panel.

Lamp Replacement for the Orbital X

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