Epson Inkjet Printer Installation and SetUp

Epson Inkjet Printer Installation and SetUp – Walk through the process of setting up and installing an Epson 7700 Photo Stylus Inkjet printer with Nova Polymers. The Epson 7700 is part of the InkStar Film Solution that Nova offers to produce high-density film negatives and positives for producing photopolymer signs and screen printing emulsions.

InkStar Printer and RIP Set Up

The InkStar Solution works with the Epson 7900 Photo Stylus Printer and the AccuRIP software to produce high-quality film negatives and positives that meet the required density to exposure photopolymer. Getting Started

  • Install the AccuRIP on a PC or Mac computer
  • Set the AccuRIP at 1440 x 1440 dpi and the Droplet size to 8 using the Photo Black ink setting
  • Insert a DyeStar Photo Black cartridge in the Photo Black slot.
  • Insert a DyeStar Matte Black cartridge in the Matte Black slot (the photo black and matte black print to the same printhead)
  • Install Clear DyeStar cartridge in ALL the other color ink slots. You can use the start-up Epson ink when setting up the printer and insert the Clear cartridge as needed.
  • Turn off the Auto Clean setting in the control menu on the printer.
  • Always keep the printer turned on.
  • Use a surge protector to power the printer.
  • Always keep an extra Ink Maintenance tank and extra ink on hand.

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