Routing Novacryl

kongsberg routing table for novacryl photopolymerRouting Novacryl – Novacryl PT Series Photopolymer is constructed with a clear PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol) base. PETG is a thermoplastic and machines differently than other materials like Acrylic. The most notable difference is that PETG does not chip or shatter and requires a different routing bit, feed rates and spindle speeds when compared with other substrates.

Routing Novacryl Recommendations

Use a 1/2″, 3 flute McMaster-Carr bit #35505A65 or a 3/4″ two flute straight bit or DML #01401 (1/2″ shank, 3/4″ Diameter) 2 flute helix trim bit. For table routers, use a two-flute upward spiral carbide bit.
Use the 13000 Series Spiral “O” Belin Yvon S.C. Router Bit. For 1/8″ Novacryl use Tool# 13317 – CED 1/8″, CEL 1/2″, SHK DIA 1/4″, OAL 1-1/2″ at RPM 18,000 with a Feed Rate of 140. To place a bevel, we suggest using Belin Bevel 00182 CC05 QL

The link to this website is The bits referenced can be located on page 5.


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