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Nova Polymers has grown from the largest North American manufacturer and distributor of photopolymer sign products to a global leader in accessible signage solutions. Our line of NovAcryl® Series Photopolymers has become the industry’s standard. Our organization and our products are environmentally conscious and compliant with all international accessibility codes.

NovAcryl® Series Photopolymers is now available throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East. Below is a list of our Authorized NovAcryl distributors throughout the world.


 Authorized Distributors

FramunFramun will sell and support NovAcryl® sign materials and sign fabricating equipment throughout Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy, effective immediately. The company has an impressive history of supplying Braille and high-resolution graphic materials that minimize the environmental footprint on our planet.


Braille OptionsBraille Options will manufacture, fabricate and market NovAcryl®material exclusively throughout Australia and New Zealand as “Braille Options for Photopolymer Sign Solutions” that comply with the new Unified Braille Code (UBC), the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (D3.6) and Australian Standards (1428.1).



TheLookThe Look Company will sell, support and distribute NovAcryl® sign materials and sign fabricating equipment throughout the Middle East. The Look Company is a global company with resources to educate, sell, install and train on the use of photopolymer for Accessible Signage

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