Kobo Hot Stamp

Processing Guidelines

Kobo TC-851 Hot Stamp Machine

Hot Stamping Instructions:

  • Cut the foil to a size that covers the raised elements. It is not necessary to be exact, just don’t be short.
  • Turn on the heating elements and set the temperature for around 180 degrees Celsius. Allow 15:00 minutes to preheat.
  • Place the sign on the worktable of the hot stamp unit.
  • Place the foil down over the raised copy (the dull side of the foil is the face; you will see the true color through the back of the film carrier).
  • Push the work table back into the machine directly under the heated silicone pad.
  • Bring the hated silicone pad down onto the foil and sign with minimal pressure for approximately 1 second, or until just after pressure is applied. (Note: Required pressure will increase with larger copy areas.)
  • The thermally activated pigment that is transferred melts onto the sign face and the process is complete.

If your first stamp does not give you full coverage, you can correct the problem by simply leaving the foil in place and turning the sign on the work table. There should be no seems caused by multiple impressions, provided the foil is a single piece covering the entire character being stamped.

For large, multiple image areas, an additional soft pad may be placed underneath the sign panel before applying pressure with the heated silicone pad.

Download PDFs

Download Document Hot Stamp Processing Guidelines.pdf

Download Document Kobo TC851 Specifications

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