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Accessibility & The ADA – 2010 Standard For Room Identification Signs CES Course

This course registered with the American Institute of Architects and is eligible for 1 Health Safety and Welfare Learning Unit. The course focuses on the ADA and how it relates to Room Identification and Wayfinding Signage. Some of the course objectives that will be covered are: What is the ADA? How do ADA codes relate to signage? States and the Federal ADA, the Sign covered but the ADA and we’ll also touch briefly on International accessibility codes for Canada and Australia. The course will conclude with a discussion about photopolymer and how it’s used to make accessible signage.

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June 22, 2023

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Everything You Need To Know About Novacryl® Photopolymer

Introducing the Novacryl® Photopolymer Webinar Series. This informative event will be hosted on a monthly basis with the sole purpose of educating existing photopolymer processors and Sign Shop owners new to the process about the benefits and attributes of photopolymer signs. The webinar will review photopolymer in detail, the complete line of Novacryl Designer Series Photopolymer, how photopolymer compares to other processes in the industry and the financial benefits of both producing and selling photopolymer signs.

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WFM Webinar Series

This WFM Webinar Series will provide a live interactive demonstration of the Workflow Manager tool.

Nova Polymers partnered with industry leader CADlink Technology to develop Workflow Manager Software, a solution that automates the file creation process for ADA compliant signage.

WorkFlow Manager was developed specifically for sign fabricators that use photopolymer to create ADA compliant signage. The use of photopolymer continues to grow as the selection of colors, patterns, textures and finishes continues to expand, along with the trend to find environmentally-friendly sign material.

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