Novacryl® EX™ Series

novacryl EX

Novacryl® EX™ Series


Novacryl® Exterior Grade Photopolymer

novacryl ex exterior photopolymerNovacryl® Exterior EX™ photopolymer is the industry’s first pure, exterior-grade photopolymer resin.

Its unique synthetic rubber monomers are exterior rated immediately after initial exposure to UV light.

Novacryl® EX™ is compatible with all exterior paints and requires no extended treatments.


NEW Nova Polymers EX Brush

Faster, Better Wash-Out for Exterior Signs

Novacryl® EX™ Series Signage

Novacryl® EX™ resin has a 0% swell rate in moisture-saturated environments, preventing collapse – even if the finish coat is less than perfect.


Novacryl® EX™ Characteristics

Exterior Photopolymer on Aluminum Characteristics
Base thickness: .015” aluminum allow.
Photopolymer layer: .032” extruded photosensitive synthetic rubber compound (Two-year shelf life).
Note: New information is available to minimize handling and the laminating process. Please call for “Advanced Processing Data Sheet” when requesting unprocessed test samples.

Technical Information

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