Nova Polymers adds Graphic Components as a “Novacryl Preferred Fabricator”


We are excited to welcome Graphic Components to our network of Novacryl Preferred Fabricators. Successfully using Nova’s innovative manufacturing processes since 2010, Graphic Components is now a widely-recognized wholesale manufacturer of photopolymer signs for large scale projects.

Novacryl Preferred Fabricators go through a process audit to ensure that:

  • The facility adheres to material processing guidelines as specified by Nova Polymers, Inc.
  • Photopolymer processing equipment is maintained and in good working condition.
  • Is proficient in the use of the Novacryl brand of materials.
  • Has implemented good manufacturing processes that help to reduce errors and cycle time.
  • Understand the design/build process, so that they can work as a partner to ensure a quality end product that meets or exceeds your expectations.
  • Braille and Tactile components respect current state and federal guidelines.

Our photopolymer process has been a crucial addition to Graphic Components’ collection of manufacturing processes since 2010 and now is used for hundreds of signs per week. Vince Cvijanovic, partner and director of sales and marketing for Graphic Components studied different photopolymer companies before choosing Nova. “The philosophy of superior customer service matched ours, making our choice simple,” explains Cvijanovic.

Our support at Nova’s has included extensive education as well as a transparent and easy to master workflow. This has allowed the company to ramp up production quickly as well as integrate the process into the well-developed customer ordering approach.

Graphic Components has focused on one aspect of the photopolymer signs process to achieve a high level of quality. “We are great sign painters!” Cvijanovic adds. The company focuses a great deal of time and attention to the quality of the paint finish on photopolymer signs was well as all of the sign making processes it employs. This has led the company to develop a new manufacturing process called Color fusion which uses heat and pressure to apply graphics to signs and including logos and pictures.

About Graphic Components

“Our business is built on a model where superior customer service is central to success,” proclaims Vince Cvijanovic. Graphic Components is a wholesale producer of interior signs including identification, wayfinding and directory elements. They operate in a highly competitive environment where customers seek the smallest advantage in a turnaround time, support and prices.

To become a leading customer oriented organization Graphic Components employs three major strategies:

Rapid Turnaround: Requests for quotes are responded to within twenty four hours and production is usually within 2-3 weeks, satisfying even the most time sensitive projects.

Guidance: The company always provides support even when they cannot produce the order themselves. They provide referrals to other vendors as a matter of course to gain customer loyalty and trust. Customer Representatives will also share best practices and other information that will lead to a stronger design and approach.

Price: Graphic Components run a tight organization focused on production and turnaround, while relying on a well organized customer ordering system to provide the correct specifications. Customer representatives are trained to be facilitators taking the stress off of the production team and keeping costs low.

You can find more information about Graphic Components and some examples of their use of Novacryl PT-118 at

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