How to Specify Novacryl®

Infographic: How To Specify Novacryl®

Follow these 5 easy steps for specifying and finding the perfect Novacryl® product for your needs.
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Specifying Novacryl® in 5 easy steps.

  1. Visit our specifications page or to download the Novacryl® 3-part CSI spec.
  2. Define the required environment of the project – exterior or interior.
  3. Choose the Novacryl® family of substrates that best meets the design requirement of the facility.
    Novacrl® PT – clear PETG base
    Novacryl® ECR – 3form eco-resin base
    Novacryl® LP – textured and patterned laminate base
    Novacryl® YA – brushed aluminum
    Novacryl® Permaglow – photoluminescent
  4. Incorporate material specifications with the overall facility design and select color, size, style, gauge and finish based on Novacryl® Series material chosen.
  5. Incorporate Novacryl® into your specifications. See our list of global Novacryl® Preferred Fabricators.

Watch our Novacryl® Processing Video to see a live demo of how a photopolymer sign is made.

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