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ADA Compliant File Creation

Film Creation

Photopolymer Processor

Finishing Shear

Hot Stamping HS-1276


No payments for 90 days
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Our program gives you time to create a
positive cash flow before your first payment
The Process

Workflow Manager

Create Braille and Lay Out ADA Signs
Automates the file creation process for ADA compliant signage. WorkFlow Manager was developed specifically for sign fabricators that use photopolymer to create ADA compliant signage.

Inkstar Film

Making Film With The Correct Density
Designed to produce high-quality film negatives and positives for photopolymer processing and screen printing. Combines a RIP Solutions, Epson Photo Stylus printer, DyeStar Ink and our InkStar4 film.

Orbital X Processor

Making Signs
The Orbital X is a stack-style processor featuring an orbital washout, exposure section, a three-drawer dryer, and a post-exposure section. Any of these features can be assembled to customize the plate-making system.


Cutting to Size
The extra precision and power of a larger commercial guillotine shear in a smaller, more affordable bench shear. Available in either a 13″, 19″ or 25″ size,

Hot Stamping

Applying Color
Photopolymer signs are surface painted using a variety of custom colors. Signs that are decorated subsurface with paint, digital graphics and materials that incorporate color or patterns in the base substrate all require a clear coat to apply over the photopolymer.


General Assembly and Shipping


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