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Innerspec Case Study

Three years ago Cadwell Sign, Holliston, MA, made the decision to bring photopolymer sign making in-house. After processing photopolymer for over year, Cadwell applied to the Novacryl Preferred Fabricator Program. Becoming a Preferred Fabricator entails going through an annual audit to ensure quality, adherence to material processing guidelines as specified by Nova Polymers, photopolymer processing equipment is appropriately maintained, and efficient manufacturing processes have been implemented.

Cadwell passed the audit and has been a NovAcryl Preferred Fabricator for a little over a year. Michael Todisco, the Sales and Production Manager at Cadwell agrees that having this designation establishes credibility with potential customers, and has provided an increase in inquiries to bid.

Among these requests to bid, was a company called Innerspec, the world leader in EMAT and high-power ultrasonic instrumentation. Michael explained that, “Innerspec was using a machined aluminum plate prior to [working] with [Cadwell]. The cost and lead times were unacceptable.” This is when a photopolymer version of the product was discussed. Innerspec showed an interest in pursuing the change over to polymer. Cadwell developed a prototype for Innerspec, and after review of the prototype and pricing, the project was awarded to Cadwell.

photopolymer signsMichael also revealed that the final product “…required a combination of template routing (radius corners), screening printing, and hot stamping in order to achieve the final results.”

Cadwell was able to win a project, and Innerspec found the solution to their problem, all with the help of the NovAcryl Preferred Fabricators list.

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