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Understanding the 6 Novacryl Photopolymer Materials


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Over 15 years ago, Nova introduced Novacryl PT Series photopolymer to allow for new design capabilities of ADA signage. Photopolymer has many benefits over other methods for producing ADA signs and has long been the product of choice for designers in high-end environments. The PT Series opened new possibilities with a clear PETG base that allows for surface painting and second surface decoration with paint, digital graphics, vinyl and more.

Since the introduction of the PT Series, we have developed 5 more photopolymer product lines that incorporate a variety of different base substrates to meet the needs of virtually all sign designs.

6 Novacryl Designer Series Photopolymer Substrates

Novacryl PT Series photopolymer is the most commonly used photopolymer substrate for producing ADA signages. The clear PTEG base has a minimum of 20% recycled content and is available in 8 different thicknesses to meet any design need from a curved frame insert to a window sign to a custom shape.

Novacryl PT Series photopolmyer

Novacryl ECR Series photopolymer incorporates 3form Varia ecoresin. 3form material is commonly used for walls, counters, furniture and various design elements. Novacryl ECR allows designers to use the same materials for their room identification signage. All Novacryl ECR products have a minimum of 20% recycled content and many of the patterns are natural and/or organic materials.

Novacryl ECR Series photopolymer

Novacryl LP Series photopolymer uses various laminates from manufacturers like Wilsonart, Pointe, and Formica. Wood grain patterns are very popular and until the introduction of the LP Series, designers and fabricators had to use inferior solutions to make ADA signs with wood grains.

Novacryl LP Series Photopolmyer

Novacryl AL Series photopolymer was developed to give designers and fabricators a brushed aluminum look for their photopolymer signage. The AL Series incorporates a brushed aluminum base that allows for high-end signage.


Novacryl Permaglow Series photopolymer was developed to meet the increasing need for photoluminescent egress signage. Although ADA signage is not required to be photoluminescent, many designers and facility managers want to use photoluminescent ADA signage as a compliment to the required egress signage in high-rise buildings in New York City and across the country.

novacryl permaglow photopolymer

Novacryl EX Series photopolymer is an exterior grade photopolymer that has been designed as a true exterior solution for ADA signage. The EX Series photopolymer is slightly different for the other 5 Novacryl products and incorporates an aluminum base with a modified exterior grade photopolymer resin. The photopolymer resin and the aluminum do no absorb any moisture and the processed material is exterior grade before being finished. This is important to note as many other exterior products on the market need to be coated or finished in a specific way before they can be considered exterior grade.


If you would like to learn more about the Novacryl Photopolymer material you can request a sample box or attend one of our monthly Photopolymer Webinars.

Looking to specify Novacryl? Download our 10440 and 10430 specs.

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