Signage Foundation Typography Whitepaper Series and Webinar

Typography whitepaper Series Nova Polymers

Register Now for the upcoming SFI Typography Whitepaper Series and webinar. Download all four issues of the “Typography, Placemaking and Signs” Whitepaper Series brought to you by The Signage Foundation and Nova Polymers.

Sign designers and fabricators have a unique opportunity to learn more about typography and its effect on signs in a new, 4-part white paper “Typography, Placemaking, and Signs” produced by The Signage Foundation and sponsored by Nova Polymers, Dixie Graphics, and the ISA.

Nova Polymers is proud to be a sponsor and introduce this informative white paper and webinar series on typography to the sign design community. It’s all part of our mission to serve as a resource and provide added support for the sign design and fabrication industry.
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Register Here for One of The Upcoming Webinars! This will make you automatically eligible to download all four whitepapers.


Typography Webinar Series: History and Best Practices

Date: June 12, 2014
Time: 2:00 – 3:30 pm ET

The first two series of the Typography, Placemaking and Signs white paper will be introduced to the industry in this webinar.

Typography Webinar Series: Sign Codes and Leading Projects

Date: July 24, 2014
Time: 2:00 – 3:30 pm ET

The third and fourth editions of this series of the Typography, Placemaking and Signs white paper will be introduced to the industry in this second and final webinar.

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Typography Whitepaper Series

A peak inside the four typography whitepapers.



Typography Whitepaper 1


Series 1 of the white paper presents a fascinating review on “The History of Typography and Place”, beginning with typography introduced in the Roman Empire, the effect of the printing press and the industrial revolution on typography, the modern architectural era to present-day desktop publishing and digital imaging.



Typography Whitepaper 2


Series 2 addresses “Dimensional Typography Best Practices” and covers detection, discrimination, identity and orientation. These four cognitive approaches define the study of environmental typography that must be considered in the sign design process.



Typography Whitepaper 3



Series 3 focuses on Typography, the ADA and Sign Code. Diving into the nuances that provide challenges to overcome when designing for accessible signage.



Typography Whitepaper 4



Series 4 is a showcase of Typography Case Studies. Environmental Typography at it’s best and in action in real-world projects.





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