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Fabricator Spotlight: Turning Visions into Reality for Ad Light Group


Possessed with a passion for artistic design and craftsmanship, the design professionals at Ad Light Group in Denver, Colorado are familiar with every nuance of sign creation and design. Their counterparts in fabrication, installation and support are equally focused on providing visually compelling signage that turns customer visions into reality.

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Those visions include signage for large-scale retail businesses, plus signs using custom lighting, decorative metals, glass, photo-luminescent products, ADA-compliant signage, and more. From its beginnings in the early 1950s, Ad Light’s longevity is directly attributable to the partnerships and working relationships it develops with customers and partners.

As demand for photopolymer signage grew, Ad Light sought an efficient means of fabrication while continuing its high levels of quality and creativity. The addition of a full range of Nova Polymers technology in 2013 streamlined Ad Light’s production processes and provided customers with more competitively priced and better-quality products

“We use a complete package of Nova Polymers’ technology including the photopolymer processor, table top shear, Epson printer, and hot stamping machine,” explains Amanda Hurley, Vice President of Business Development at Ad Light. She says this mix of equipment and materials has proven to be especially well-suited for Ad Light’s specialties such as signage systems for multi-family housing, as well as interior signs in commercial buildings and healthcare facilities.AdLight Group Photopolymer Sign

With demand for photopolymer signs growing steadily, Ad Light purchases foils and Nova’s Permaglow and NovaAcryl PT materials. The NovaAcryl PT series of materials is especially popular with Ad Light’s designers because it enables broad design creativity with an environmentally friendly product. Ad Light uses it for second surface digital prints, backer panels and paint systems, helping provide customers with signage that differentiates their businesses.

“We purchase these materials because we know they will work,” says Ms. Hurley. “It’s important to offer products we know will provide the best value for our customers long term.”

Three Reasons Nova Polymers Is a Preferred Partner

1. Reliable ADA-Compliant Signage Fabrication

Ms. Hurley cites three reasons Ad Light prefers working with Nova Polymers. “First is knowledge: they understand the guidelines and regulations for ADA signage.”

This is especially important for sign makers because ADA regulations vary at both state and federal levels and it’s hard for sign companies to keep pace with all the rules and regulations; some of which change annually.

Beyond ADA expertise, Nova Polymers’ knowledge includes helping sign companies make decisions about the best materials and techniques for a given application. “Nova Polymers has helped us find a solution for every issue we’ve had or question that has come up,” notes Ms. Hurley. “Whether it’s construction issues, product needs or machine maintenance, we know we can contact our account manager and find answers.”

2. Sign Manufacturer Training and Support

The second reason is training. “Nova Polymers offers Lunch and Learn courses that take place at our facility in which designers and architects can gain AIA credits,” she explains. “Being able to use Nova Polymers as a resource to connect and network within our community goes above and beyond a typical vendor relationship.”

3. Unparalleled Equipment and Material Selection

The third reason is Nova Polymers’ growing range of product options. “The sign industry is always changing and you have to stay ahead of the changes and find new ways to remain competitive. Working with a vendor that is continually adding new products, equipment, and designs to support these changes is a huge asset,” affirms Ms. Hurley.

With six decades of sign expertise behind them, Ad Light continues pursuing its vision of giving life to customer branding through creativity, customer service and fostering strong partnerships. Ms. Hurley notes that Nova Polymers helps support Ad Light in this mission. “The biggest value-add is the turnkey operation Nova Polymers provides,” she affirms. “With Nova, equipment, materials, training, networking, machine maintenance, software, and more can all be found at one supplier. Having a one-stop shop is a time saver and a huge stress relief. Can’t beat that!”

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