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SignScape® a division of Inpro: Innovating with Photopolymer


Inpro® is a leading producer of institutional wall protection including corner guards, curtain hardware, and washroom hardware. SignScape®, a division of Inpro, produces an extensive and successful line of ADA and architectural signage for fabricators and end-users.

Starting in the business with raster over 10 years ago, SignScape® quickly realized that it needed to change approaches. “We were making a name in school signage, and raster just couldn’t hold up to the vandalism,” declares Matt Budnik, Sales Director for SignScape®. “The customers were demanding heavy duty one piece signs and photopolymer seemed to be the answer,” Budnik adds. Thus, SignScape® started producing with photopolymer 8 years ago and has not looked back.

Inpro Photopolymer Sign

Inpro started working with Photopolymer for durability but now focuses on the range of material possibilities

Fast forward to today. SignScape® produces over 40,000 photopolymer ADA signs yearly and is one of the leading innovators in using multiple materials on ADA Signs. SignScape® signs are such a large part of Inpro’s work that they have significantly expanded their photopolymer production with the purchase of a second photopolymer machine.

New trends have also changed the type of signs being developed over the last decade. Budnik explains, “The big thing today, particularly from the hospitality and office markets, are crisp high quality materials beautifully finished.” SignScape® has responded by experimenting with sustainable materials like 3Form and particularly with laminates produced by Wilsonart that achieve the look of metal without the expense of welding. Budnik adds, “Chemetal integrated with photopolymer create signs with the appearance of steel, which is what architects and end users are looking for in the new modern buildings being designed today.

Moving forward Inpro is continuing to work directly with Nova Polymer to develop new products and approaches including signs that can fit seamlessly into PVC panel walls, creating vast new opportunities for the company to integrate their SignScape® signs with all their other product divisions. Innovations like these are part of Inpro’s plan to stay at the top of the market through high quality architectural solutions that combine wayfinding and peacemaking.

Contact us at Nova if you’re interested in mining photopolymer processing in-house. Take control of your business and increase profit margins by producing photopolymer ADA Braille signs at a lower cost and with greater control over quality and delivery.

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