The Selling of a Sign Company


Wandering among the booths at that International Sign Association Show in Las Vegas, it is easy to spot the leading companies that use Photopolymer.

One company I came across on the floor with a particularly interesting story to tell is Park Place Sign Systems Inc. One of the top companies among Nova Polymers constellation of preferred fabricators, Park Place Sign Systems Inc. has reached a particularly high level of quality and creativity.

Park-Place-LogoA wholesale company with a clientele of premium fabricators, Park Place is fiercely loyal to the Nova Polymer system and frequently sings the product’s praises including efficient tooling, odorless manufacturing and rapid response. Currently, Photopolymer has grown to 40% of Park Place Sign’s business.

Recently Park Place has been moving into an interesting new business by partnering with Identia, a company developing an online system for ordering custom signs. “Right now it takes us a large number of man hours to work with a fabricator to develop a sign. This automates the process to a great degree through a gallery of best practices and a clear ordering process”, states Bill Baker, President of Park Place Sign Systems.

Photopolymer plays a big part in making this model successful. “We need a manufacturing approach that can allow for quick and efficient customization by being able to change logos, colors and sizes. Photopolymer leads all processes in customization ease”, Baker adds.

IMG_4535Park Place has also upgraded their manufacturing processes by adding a flatbed printer to integrate logos and graphics into first surface and subsurface graphics more efficiently than traditional screen printing. With the printer replacing the most time consuming part of sign making, the company has poured their resources into being the best sign painters in the industry. Baker proclaims, “By removing the bottlenecks we have now been able to focus our resources on areas we can achieve a high level of excellence”.
This also includes closely following production best practices by monitoring and calibrating their two Photopolymer machines daily as well as creating dark and temperature controlled spaces for their inventory of material.

As the leading buyer of Matthews Paint products in Missouri they have also been able to leverage that relationship to maintain an edge in paint quality.

With all of their efforts to create a high level production and delivery process, Park Place is taking an additional important step and creating an educational program for the fabricators that use their process utilize them the most. This elevates Park Place as a close collaborator and partner, making for higher quality signs and a more profitable approach to sign making.

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