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The Qualified Advantage: Nova Polymers now GSA Approved


Photopolymer has become the go-to technology for much of, some even say the majority of, ADA-compliant signage. The versatility, durability and ease of use of materials like Nova Polymer’s NovAcryl has made photopolymer the choice of many signage fabricators, designers and contractors and is behind Nova Polymers being named as a qualified vendor of the U.S. Government’s General Services Administration.

With some 12,000 employees and a budget of twenty six billion dollars the GSA manages more than 377 million square feet of space on about 9,600 buildings in more than 2,200 communities nationwide. In addition, GSA manages a 204,000 vehicle motor pool that spans sedans to buses to ambulances and heavy trucks.

This vast amount of property requires a vast number of ADA identification signs, directories, and maps,” notes Bob Greenberger, Director of Sales and Education at Nova Polymers. “It presents a lucrative opportunity for sign companies that have photopolymer technology.

GSA certification gives Nova Polymers and their clientele new avenues for supplying 100% ADA compliant signage,” says Greenberger. “GSA certification opens up a compelling opportunity for sign companies to access new markets while raising awareness of the superior advantage photopolymer signage can provide federal facilities.

To government contractors on the hunt for new revenue opportunities, knowing which companies are listed with the GSA yields substantial benefits, not the least of which is that firms on the list are recognized as a trusted source. As part of attaining the GSA listing Nova gathered recommendations through the Dun & Bradstreet Past Performance Evaluation System, as well as recommendations from eight leading companies that use Nova Polymers products in their work.

In addition, Nova will be included in the GSA Library as a leading source of sign fabrication materials and be listed on GSA contracts for companies seeking to buy approved products and services. This is a particularly important advantage for providers of sign systems that require regular replacement to routine wear or that need periodic updating. For signage companies, having access to materials from listed companies ensures consistency of product and pricing and helps ensure timely, accurate bidding when using proven, certified products.

How it Works

For designers and fabricators that would like to work on government projects it is fairly straightforward to use GSA certification to your advantage. This holds true even if your company is not presently listed as a GSA vendor because your proposal will indicate your intent to use GSA-certified products from Nova Polymer. When responding to a GSA RFP include Nova as the lead supplier along with the GSA DUNS number 152325796 along with the CAGE number 7WA95 (for Nova Polymers). This identification will make it easy to find in the GSA database and call up support references.

Nova Polymers is always looking for ways to expand business opportunities for the sign fabricators that have invested time and effort expanding into new markets. Federal office buildings are but one of many areas that can lead to an increased expansion in projects and opportunities. Moreover, GSA certification opens doors to revenue that might otherwise never even show up on the table. And, GSA certification is not just an endorsement for federal government projects. Be sure to list Nova Polymers’s GSA certified when responding to any RFP, whether or not it is related to a government project, because the certification alone says your company works with the best possible materials and processes available.

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