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Photopolymer Signs – Choosing The Right Material


NovAcryl Photopolymer Sign vs. The Competition

Not all photopolymer sign are created equal. NovAcryl PT Series Interior Photpolymer has a PETG base that has a zero moisture absorption ratio with the photopolymer layer that has a .001 moisture absorption ratio. The NovAcryl EX Exterior Photpolymer (NovEx) has an aluminum base with a synthetic rubber/photopolymer layer which both have a 0 moisture absorption ratio.

As you can see in the picture above, the  NovAcryl brand  of photopolymer sign material out performed the  other competitive material that was made with a phenolic base. The reason for this dramatic contrast in performance is due to the phenolic base material having a high moisture absorption ratio which has a negative effect on the material when in an exterior environment, or an interior environment with high humidity levels.

The samples seen in this picture where manufactured  according to manufactures guidelines, top coated per specification and mounted on the outside of a building for over a year. These sign were exposed to high temperatures ranging from -20F to 100F plus with direct sunlight, rain, snow and humidity levels of 100%.

The results speak for themselves. So, make sure you specify or use the right photopolymer material for your next project.

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