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Novacryl Preferred Fabricator Update


Tube Art and Marvel Sign Join The List

We would like to congratulate Marvel Sign and Display and Tube Art Group for becoming the newest additions to the Novacryl Preferred Fabricator (PF) list. Both companies went through an extensive audit process to become PFs and we want to congratulate them both on their accomplishments relating to the production of Novacryl photopolymer signage.

The PF audit covers the entire processing of making photopolymer signage from start to finish including file creation, design relating to ADA compliance, processing, workflow, productivity and the finishing and packaging of the finished signs. The criteria is strict and demands that the fabricator being audited understands accessibility in general and photopolymer processing in a way that produces high-end signage and meet the demands of the visual impaired.

“Bringing photopolymer production into our shop has provided us more control over our ADA sign projects in direct regard to cost, quality and delivery and has increased our overall profitability,” says Alan Kotzer, president of Marvel Sign and Display Inc.

The current Novacryl Preferred Fabricator list can be found in our 3-part CSI specification or on our Novacryl Preferred Fabricator web page.

Lear more about Marvel Sign and Display located in Vaughan, Ontario.

Learn More about Tube Art Group located in Auburn, WA.


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