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Nova Polymers Bringing New Initiatives to the International Sign Association show


Nova Polymers has had its most successful year in the fifteen-year history of the company. Not only are our sales at its highest level, but there are also more and more new companies that have seen the benefits of photopolymer. At the ISA Show we will be furthering some existing programs and bringing in a number of new initiatives for our existing loyal customers, and for small sign companies just starting to work with large scale sign production.

We have expanded our existing Quality Control Education for our longstanding customers. This outreach focuses on finding new approaches to increasing the efficiency and profitability of production. Even the smallest improvements result in enormous gains, making these best practices crucial to share.

The 1200 Signs initiative is focused on smaller companies looking to replace their existing raster capacity with photopolymer, but are afraid of the financial and time commitment. The educational program shows small shops on how to invest and make a profit on photopolymer in just 1,200 signs. This low barrier can have shops reaching the high standards of photopolymer in just a few projects.

The GSA Initiative is the Nova Polymer’s application to be listed with the General Services Agency, The manager of all federal government properties, is part of Nova’s ongoing advocacy efforts to bring more attention to the effectiveness of Photopolymer, and to create greater opportunities for the Nova Polymers community.

NovAcryl ZN is the newest material innovation developed by Nova. The coating duplicates the appearance of zinc, providing the incredible effect of metal etching without the weight. This is another in a long line of material approaches that has made Photopolymer and Nova the leading method and company in the ADA sign industry.

Visit Nova Polymers at Booth # 2239, download our sponsored app at, and check out our preferred fabricators.

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