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Founded in 1965 by industry icon Harry Neiman and based in California, Neiman & Company is recognized as a regional leader in custom architectural sign fabrication. Along with Nova Polymers, Glenn Dea of BOA Architects, and Wayne Hunt of Hunt Design, they helped develop a California ADA educational program.

The California ADA is among the most comprehensive guidelines in the country with the toughest enforcement mechanisms. The success of this program went a long way towards improving wayfinding projects in California and bolstering the EGD community.

Hanley Bloom (A 1990 SEGD Angel Award Winner) who was a key contributor to the the development of the program at Neiman, passed away a few years back, so it has been heartening to see that ten years later and at their 50th anniversary Neiman and Company is still focused on being an educational and thought leader in the EGD community building off the legendary founder Harry Neiman’s commitment to the community that earned them an SEGD Arrow award in 2014.

“Our business is completely focused on supporting the EGD community” proclaims Camille Carr-Rodriguez, CFO of Neiman & Company. “This not only includes our California and national ADA advisement, but also on the entire range of issues that designers face including value engineering, material selection, and capabilities.” Neiman & Company takes their role as educator so seriously that designers have grown accustomed to treating the company as an extension of their office, reaching at any time they need project support.

Creative Use Of Photopolymer


Neiman & Company has committed to high level design values for even the simplest signs.

Neiman also provides support by keeping a wide range of capabilities in-house including photopolymer, raster, applied letters and even 3D printing for ADA signs. “We want to make sure that we can provide designers with a wide range of approaches that can make any effect possible, adds Ramirez. Photopolymer has been a central tool that enhances Neiman’s capabilities, particularly as designers are open to different approaches to simulating cast bronze and other metal surfaces. Neiman has utilized photopolymer as an inexpensive and light weight engraving approach that closely matches the look and feel of cast bronze and other metals. Neiman even used photopolymer to make high end castings like a presidential seal for an exhibition.

Like with designers, Neiman and company sees Nova Polymers as a central part of their network that links designers, fabricators, and manufacturers since the two companies started working together in the last 1990’s. Nova serves a strong educational role for Neiman similar to the role the fabricator provides to the design community including new ideas on effects, ways to improve efficiency, and management tips. This has given Neiman & Company the confidence to experiment in new approaches with the material.
Camille Carr-Rodriguez does not see Neiman & Company changing their approach over the next 50 years. We are committed to the design community, and they have rewarded us in so many ways for this commitment.”

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