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Locked and Loaded for Sign Expo. With GSA Approval.


GSA LogoYour mission, should you decide to accept it, is to produce 1,524 signs, most of them ADA-compliant, for the new 16-floor federal building that’s being built 18 miles from your shop. It’s a great contract, but as you were reading the job specs before signing the agreement you notice a line of text that must have been added because you don’t remember seeing it before: “All signs must be fabricated using materials sourced from a GSA-approved provider.” This makes you hesitate.

You, however, have no worries: you know where to go for the right materials. The versatility, durability and ease of use of materials like Nova Polymer’s NovAcryl has made Nova Polymers the provider of choice for many signage fabricators, designers and contractors, and is a leading reason why Nova Polymers is an approved vendor of the U.S. Government’s General Services Administration, with ISO 9001 certification pending in the first quarter of 2019.

As the leading federal authority for defining and approving cost-effective high-quality products and services from commercial vendors, GSA’s guidelines are also followed for projects outside the oversight of federal regulation. Using materials from a GSA-approved vendor adds a stamp of value and credibility to any project.

With some 12,000 employees and a twenty six billion dollar budget, the GSA manages more than 377 million square feet of space in 9,600 buildings in over 2,200 communities nationwide. That makes for a lot of signs, directories, and maps, many of which must be ADA-compliant.

GSA’s vast holdings presents an enormous opportunity for sign fabricators who have photopolymer technology,” says Bob Greenberger, Director of Sales and Education at Nova Polymers. “GSA approval gives Nova Polymers and their clientele new avenues for supplying 100% ADA compliant signage.

An Optimal Investment

1500 SIGNS
As you re-read the contract and consider the long-term potential, you also think about the 1,524 signs the new building will require. Then, after visiting the Nova Polymers website and talking with Nova Polymers, you realize that producing those signs will more than cover the investment you’ll need to make in photopolymer equipment and supplies. And you agree to the deal.

It takes only 1500 ADA signs to recoup the initial investment, and we provide the training, so customers can quickly take full advantage of what photopolymer can do,” explains Mr. Greenberger.

Think about this—one job cannot only bring immediate profitability and ROI; it can finance a completely new market for your business.

Nova Polymers’ GSA approval opens up a compelling opportunity for sign companies to access new markets while raising awareness of the superior advantage photopolymer signage can provide,” he continues. “We’re looking forward to talking with business owners in Booth 2317 at Sign Expo and showing them how they can make money with photopolymer technology.

And while you’re in Booth 2317…

Orbital XWhen you visit the Nova Polymers booth, be sure to look at the Orbital-X Photopolymer Processor. Manufactured by Nova Polymers, the Orbital-X is a small-footprint, all-in-one, photopolymer-processing unit for fabricating water-washable photopolymer sign material. The Orbital-X is the centerpiece of Nova Polymer’s industry-leading system for creating ADA-compliant signage in federal and many public buildings.

And when you sign an agreement for a new machine at Sign Expo, you also receive two days of onsite training with Brad Sorrow, National Sales Executive, and one day of onsite ADA training with Bob Greenberger, a noted expert on the nuances of ADA signage. Together, you move one step closer to profitability with photopolymer technology.

One More Thing

Finally, be sure to get your free show pass and download the official app sponsored by Nova Polymers, by visiting and while you’re there, make an appointment to meet with a Nova Polymers signage specialist. See you in Las Vegas, April 23–26.

Sign Expo 2019

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