Inkstar Print Solution

Inkjet Film

The InkStar Film Solution has been designed to produce high-quality film negatives and positives for screen printers, sign makers using photopolymer, rubber stamp, corrugated and printing companies.

The InkStar Solutions combines a RIP Solutions, Epson Photo Stylus printer, DyeStar Ink and our InkStar4 film. This combination allows for quick printing of high-density film negatives and positives.

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Inkstar 4 Film

17”x100’ roll for $119.00
24”x100’ roll for $129.00

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Designed to produce high-quality, high-density film negatives and positives, InkStar4 ink jet film is universally receptive to both dye and pigment ink. Durable and cost-effective, InkStar4 ink jet films are designed for maximum performance with InkStar Film Printers and are the ideal substrate for your printing requirements. >> Learn More

Inkstar 4
DyeStar Ink

DyeStar Cartridge Available for Epson 7700/7900 and T-3270 printers – All black system available for T-3270. PhotoBlack, Matte Black and Clear cartridges available for 7700/7900

DyeStar Ink is a dye-based ink specifically developed for the production of high-density film negatives and positives. DyeStar Ink provides a very broad range of media support. Hybrid Ink Jet Systems HD (high dmax) ink technology provides greater overall density for richer blacks, delivering the best results for sign and screen film halftone output. >> Learn More


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