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At Graphic Components, we focus on customer service, quality, and competitive pricing. That’s the Graphics Components story.

Graphic Components LogoHeadquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, Graphic Components is a leading wholesale ADA sign manufacturer & supplier for all custom designed braille & interior signage. And as a strictly wholesale fabricator, they only fabricate ADA signs for other sign companies. “We never make signs for any end-users or any general contractors. We only do business with sign companies,” says Vince Cvijanovic, the current co-owner and Sales & Marketing Manager at Graphic Components, “because we will never be a competitor to our customers. We strive to be their partners. Their outsourced ADA department.

With such a unique position in the market, Graphic Components pride themselves on producing high-quality signs coupled with great customer service.

Graphic Components

The Graphic Components Story

Although Graphic Components started in 2006, its story doesn’t really start until 2010, when Vince Cvijanovic acquired the company. Mr. Cvijanovic first discovered Graphic Components while running the largest Signarama franchise in the US. During this time, he was in search of a sign fabricator he could outsource to but had several unsatisfactory experiences. “The main challenge I had was finding a wholesale fabricator that had any level of customer service. It was very difficult to get people on the phone, to respond to emails, to get them to deliver on time,” says Mr. Cvijanovic.

All this changed when he started working with Graphic Components. He noticed that Graphic Components cared about the customer experience and realized that he had finally found a partner. So, when Mr. Cvijanovic was offered the opportunity to purchase Graphic Components, he knew this was one area that he could leverage. He explains, “What we found when we took over Graphic Components was a lot of other sign companies felt the same frustrations that I did back in the day. And I wanted to change that.” As he and his partners, Phil Lawrence and Matt Cvijanovic, restructured the company, they created a new mission for the company: to make Graphic Components #1 in Customer Service.

Graphic Components

To achieve this goal, the partners and their team set an internal standard for themselves: 95% of orders had to be shipped complete and on time. “That meant that if we were tasked to make 100 signs but only made 99, the order was not complete and on time. If we shipped signs a day late, the order was not complete and on time,” explained Mr. Cvijanovic. “It’s extremely important that as a team we worked together to continuously better ourselves and our relationships with the customers.” Today, the whole organization is tuned in to shipping orders “complete and on time”. It has become the company culture, and in the past few years, Graphic Components has been able to ship 99% of all its orders complete and on time.

This commitment to customer service has been one of the greatest attributes valued by its customers. “I’m proud to say that our customers really value our customer service. If you look up Graphic Components on Google, we have nearly 70 five-star reviews. And it’s not just the five-stars; each review tells a story of how we met or exceeded their expectations,” says Mr. Cvijanovic.

Thanks to its focus on customer service as well as quality and competitive pricing, Graphic Components has been able to achieve immense growth. Since 2010, Graphic Components has grown from 3 to 24 employees and recently moved from a 15,000 sq. ft space to a 33,000 sq. ft facility. With a significant investment in new equipment and facility, Graphic Components is getting ready to extend its superior customer service and quality manufacturing to sign companies throughout North America.

Graphic Components

A Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricator

Preferred Fabricators LogoBut how did Graphic Components become a Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricator? In 2014, Vince Cvijanovic and his partners decided they wanted to ramp up its photopolymer production to provide a more comprehensive offering to its customers. To achieve this, they invited Nova Polymers to help them learn a lot more about photopolymer production and to get advice on how to approach the market.

In response, Dave Miller, Managing Director of Nova Polymers, flew out to Graphic Components. He audited its manufacturing processes and found that Graphic Components was already operating at the Nova Polymers standard. Shortly thereafter, Graphic Components was officially awarded the recognition of being a Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricator. “There is a very small number of Preferred Fabricators, and a small number of Preferred Fabricators are wholesale fabricators. Graphic Components is one of them and we’ve always been proud of that,” says Mr. Cvijanovic.

Graphic ComponentsSince then, Mr. Cvijanovic and Graphic Components have followed Nova Polymers’ advice and steadily and significantly grown its photopolymer business.

With a growing photopolymer business, the Graphic Components team had found a reliable partner in Nova Polymers. One of the main reasons was Nova Polymers’ fast response and dedication to customer service. They regularly worked with Nova Polymers’ Client Service Manager, Pat Avallone, who was extremely responsive and handled any issues Graphic Components had with care. Nova Polymers’ turnaround time was also critical to the success of this partnership. Whenever they ordered materials, Nova Polymers was able to get its photopolymer material orders in and shipped within two days. “Nova Polymers is an excellent vendor. We really look at Nova Polymers as being our partner,” says Mr. Cvijanovic.

Graphic ComponentsBeing a Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricator has helped Graphic Components become competitive in the photopolymer industry. “When you’re recognized as a Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricator, it’s like having a ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval’. It’s an indication that our quality is high in the photopolymer industry,” says Mr. Cvijanovic. “Because of it, consumers are more confident when they come to us for photopolymer signs since they know we work with Nova Polymers.

The Future of Graphic Components

With a new facility and equipment, Graphics Component is looking to continue its growth, especially within the photopolymer industry. Vince Cvijanovic says, “Our goal is simple. We want to continue the 15% growth that we’ve achieved year after year so that our team members can also continue to grow personally and professionally.

We at Nova Polymers want to congratulate Graphic Components for its recent move into a new facility. We are excited to be a part of Graphic Components’ growth in the upcoming years.

Graphic Components

Graphic Components Logo

Graphic Components


Graphic Components LogoGraphic Components have over thirty years of experience in the design and fabrication of interior signs and sign systems. They provide solutions across a broad range of interior applications, such as Facility Signage, ADA Compliant Signs, Directories, Room Identification, Code Regulated, Acrylic Lettering, Photopolymer, and Colorfusion.

Graphic Components also offer a wide selection of letter styles, backgrounds, surface treatments, and framing. For top-notch service and fresh solutions that support your signage programs, call Graphic Components.

Learn more about Graphic Components and its partnership with Nova Polymers.

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When you’re recognized as a Nova Polymers Preferred Fabricator, it’s like having a ‘Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval’. It’s an indication that our quality is high in the photopolymer industry.

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