1500 Signs

Photopolymer Value: Can You Count to 1500?


It’s a number anyone in the signage business needs to know. Because 1,500 units is where the ROI on photopolymer sign making equipment recoups your costs, and begins to make you money.

This number—and how to get there—is one of things you’ll learn when you talk with Nova Polymers. One of Nova Polymers’ executive team —Dave Miller, Brad Sorrow, and Pat Avallone will explain the economics and show you a compelling path to profitability.

The Nova team will demonstrate just how easy its equipment is to use, share the advantages of Nova’s line of materials, and introduce the value its new Novacryl ZN material can add to a sign-making operation. You can get your hands on Nova Polymers’ Orbital X photopolymer processor, an all-in-one processing unit designed to fabricate water-washable photopolymer sign material.

So how many is 1500 signs? Consider a new office building, a large high school or a whole school system. Each room needs signs, and many have to be ADA compliant. Or think about a few of the smaller projects you’ve bid on—and won—that need attractive, long-lasting ADA compliant signage. You get to 1500 very quickly.

Nova Polymers makes migrating to photopolymer printing easy, with our product catalog:

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Novacryl Photopolymer Series

See our full line of turn-key ADA signage solutions, including BIM objects, mounting adhesive, and workflow management software.

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