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Adding Photopolymer to Your Capabilities – Signtech Case Study


Nova Polymers is involved heavily with integrating photopolymer fabrication into organizations where ADA signs are a core part to their businesses; however some sign companies have made a conscious decision not to focus on producing interior ADA signs. This philosophy is constantly changing as clients are requesting a one-stop sign company. Signtech is a San Diego-based fabricator that has responded successfully to such requests from its clients which include large companies and institutions like Chase Bank, Aetna, and Wells Fargo. “We focus on our client needs first and try to adapt our organization to meet those need“, proclaims David Schauer, president of Signtech. Until recently this has mainly been through exterior signs and graphics. The company has built a strong staff of engineers and project managers to meet these demands.

Signtech Chase Project

Signtech started by building a strong custom fabrication facility to serve large companies like Chase Bank.

Over time, clients kept asking for Signtech to manage all their sign needs and more orders started coming in for interior wayfinding signs. Schauer states, “We tried to meet this new demand by outsourcing, but quickly the math made sense to do the work in-house“. In addition to the economics, bringing ADA sign expertise into the company would also improve quality and lead times if the company could successfully integrate photopolymer methodologies into their operation.

Signtech ADA Sign

Signtech looks at ADA signs as another way to expand a company’s brand in the environment

Early on Signtech got lucky. “We found an amazing expert in ADA signs in Kim Goh“, added Schauer. Between Goh’s 10 years of expertise and support from Nova Polymers which included production expertise and ADA guidance, the company was able to quickly ramp up production and in a short time was able to complete a large project with as many as 1000 pieces. There were a few breakdowns and glitches early on which Nova addressed, but soon the photopolymer machine was operating as smoothly as the rest of Signtech’s operation.

Signtech’s philosophy of building its company around clients led it to photopolymer. With Signtech’s success in developing ADA signs, the company sees even more opportunities ahead to bringing signs and graphics to every part of the corporate environment.

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