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5 Reasons You Want Photopolymer ADA Signs


Sign fabricators, designers, and specifiers need to understand the benefits of using Photopolymer ADA signs. There are various methods to fabricate polymer signs and each has their own unique pros and cons. Photopolymer has been used for over 25 years and is the method that continues to outperform the others for 5 distinct reasons …the most important being ADA compliance.

1. Durability – Why Can’t I Pick These Letters Off?

Photopolymer ADA signs are a one piece integral sign, thus, standing up to vandalism better than the rest. Nothing is absolutely vandal-proof and almost any sign can get damaged or destroyed. But, your vandals have to work very very hard with photopolymer fabricated signs to do so. The signs will remain on the wall and intact… keeping your wayfinding ADA compliant.

5 Step to produce photopolymer ada signs

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2. Creativity – You Mean I Can Raise That Detailed Logo?

The Novacryl Designer Series of photopolymer substrates and its use of six different photopolymer materials allows for different looks and design options. In addition to the different product types changing the overall design and look of the sign, the actual photopolymer resin that is used to create the 1/32” tactile and Braille elements of an ADA sign can add another dimension for creative signs.

To create tactile elements, the Photopolymer resin is exposed to UV light using a high relocation film negative. This combination allows for very detailed raised graphics and elements.

The advantage to this process is that no additional fabrication is required. I can create a sign that has a room number and Braille, or add an accent bar and a raised logo without any significant extra labor; meaning no additional cost. The level of detailed tactile that can be achieved using Photopolymer is superior to any other process. All of these substrates are produced in the same manner, creating raised characters at the proper, ADA compliant tactile character height.

raised logo photopolymer sign

3. Scalability – How Many Signs Can I Make In One Shift?

Labor is the most valued resource for any sign shop. Time and throughput are critical to making a profit in any manufacturing or fabricating environment. Need signs to get your Certificate of Occupancy? The Photopolymer production process will allow you to meet your clients’ opening date quicker than any other method with only one person running the show.

The quantity of signs that can be fabricated equates to four hundred 8”x8” in an eight hour shift. The sooner signs are finished, the faster they can be on the wall, and the next order through the shop.

photopolymer sign printing

4. Reliability – Need To Replace One Sign?

The photopolymer process will allow you to replicate all sign types. The photopolymer process is consistent and you will always have 1/32” tactile and proper Braille. All files are readily available or easily created for future use. In many instances, the film negative could be reused to save on costs.

The failure rate in the field has been less than one half of one percent over the last 10 years. Your signs are on the wall, and a fully-compliant replacement can be made efficiently, and quickly.

tactile braille sign

5. Compliancy Proven – Nova Polymers Stands Behind The Product!

Photopolymer signs are compliant: proper tactile height, ADA compliant Braille, durable and reliable, efficiently produced to meet tight deadlines, and will meet all of the requirements for Certificates of Occupancy.

Improve your signage workflow and join the Nova Polymer team. Our signage experts developed the six Novacryl Designer series of photopolymer materials to be versatile, efficient, consistent, compliant, and scalable – saving fabricators, designers, and specifiers money.

Our support at Nova Polymers for our clients and the architectural and design communities are unsurpassed. Our AIA CES programs teach architects, designers, sign companies and installation companies the importance of signage as it relates to being ADA Compliant – with over 200 sessions this year, and counting.

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